Welcome to D’s Knitting blog!

My name is Dee and am so happy to finally open up and share my passion for knitting with you guys .. it’s nearly 4 years since yarns and hooks became a part of my life 😉 .

And I am so thankful for that,  I read once ‘”in knitting mistakes are forgivable, drop stitches happen mistakes happen’”  with each mistake knitting taught me patience and forgiveness.

 what I am trying to say that we have to continue knitting regardless of our mistakes.

So now I am the girl who knit!! and proud to say that they are 100% made with LOVE , filled with PASSION to get to be the reason for happiness to those who will own it .. so inshallah it will meet your expectations.

Can’t wait to see your comments and feedback.


Crochet is an amazing process of creating a beautiful projects from only a yarn and a hook! the transforming from a little square pattern into a blanket or a scarf, to dedicate time and effort just to end up with a beautiful masterpiece.

Eventually, when you finish it its gives you a quite good feeling specially after you see your own knitting and crochet projects on others wearing them!! Cuuute !! proud too!

Yes, and one more thing , Through your purchases , D’s Knitting donate 10% of profit for families in need.

Blissed of doing something I love and passion about .. plus making a different.




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